Over-plucked? Here’s how to encourage your natural eyebrows to grow

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Eyebrows can be a hassle. How are we supposed to shape them, tint them or make them grow? We decided to ask the experts…

Raise your hand if you over plucked your eyebrows circa the year 2000. Back then, skinny brows were all the rage; and 20 years on, many of us are still trying to regain our volume and shape.

Which is why we asked four Irish eyebrow artists for tips to encourage brow growth.

Things to consider first

Suzanne Hourigan, brow artist at The Brow Boss, says it’s important to figure out why your eyebrows aren’t growing in the first place. “We all treat our hair and skin so well and forget how precious our brows are, then we expect them to grow and get frustrated when they don’t,” she says.

“For instance, your cleanser/ face mask/ moisturisers may all have your skin in beautiful condition, but they may be drying out your brows. The face mask or exfoliator may be too vigorous for your delicate brow hair and any excess product not cleansed away correctly may be clogging the follicles.

“Your brow product may have your brows looking wonderful and filled in throughout the day,” Suzanne adds, “but are you removing it correctly at night so it doesn’t cake between hairs? And have you taken it off softly so you’re not removing hairs unnecessarily?

“The last and most frequent issue I have noticed is the ‘twin tribe’. If they’re constantly on a quest to make their brows identical, this leads to hairs that could possibly be on a little growth spurt being whisked away with tweezers before the other gets a chance to catch up,” she explains.

How to encourage your eyebrows to grow

Claudine King, eyebrow artist at Claudine King Brows & Beauty, says there are various ways to encourage brow growth, depending on the current condition and level of damage.

“If you have over plucked, I would always recommend ditching the tweezers for two months and returning for a brow tidy every two to three weeks,” she says, “so that I can prove to the client that, most of the time, a lot of the hair will be given a chance to grow out properly.

“I can still keep a neat shape whilst doing this, so you don’t have to feel conscious that they are untidy!” she reassures us.

“However, if your brows have naturally become patchy or thinner over the years, I would always recommend a growth serum such as Revitabrow or iGlow.”

Revitabrow is formulated with a high-impact BioPeptin Complex – a cocktail of peptides and botanicals. This saturates each hair with moisture, while the convenient doe-foot applicator permits fast and precise application. When used each day, brow hairs become stronger and more resilient; therefore less likely to break.

Meanwhile, iGlow contains active ingredients (from pentapeptides, Capixyl and plant extracts) which stimulate inactive hair follicles. For best results, apply daily for 12 weeks.

Fiona McGowan, brow artist at Eye Design, Blanchardstown, adds, “I always recommend a brow serum, like iGlow, to help encourage brow growth –I’ve seen amazing results – but if you are on a budget, then castor oil and daily brow brushing definitely helps get a few new hairs sprouting.“

Becky Foskin from The Brow Artist also swears by these products, but she adds, “The main thing to remember though, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the most expensive or the cheapest product. If you’re not using it regularly you’re not going to see results! We suggest that clients leave it next to their toothbrush to try and build it into their routine.”

Lastly, Claudine says, “If you have a scar, wax burn or naturally very little hair in your brow, then it is unlikely you will get good growth from a serum, so I recommend shaping and tinting, or Microblading, depending on the client.”

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